WingIt! Building System (WK001)

This versatile WingIt! Building System wing kit makes short work of custom scratch built projects – providing the builder with a thoughtful pre-engineered rib, spar, and trailing edge parts package.  Includes difficult to scratch-build parts such as airfoil profile, dihedral breaks, servo pockets (HS-35/40 class micro servos), sub rib, and twist resisting truss-rib components.

Bring your own wing tips, strip wood, ailerons (optional), and imagination to make your next scratch built project as success!

Additional Details

Base Specifications:

Using the design standard 1-3/4 in. rib and sub-rib spacing you can build a simple 6 inch chord wing.  Add your own aileron and wing tip shape to increase the chord and span.  Combine multiple wing kits to produce higher aspect ratio wings (glider application) or clip the base wing for low aspect ratio applications.

Wing Span | 30 in
Chord Length | 6 in
Wing Area | 180 in2
Dihedral Options | 0/8/12 degrees
Controls Required | 3-4 channel
Construction | Balsa / Ply
Category | Wing Kit

Kit Includes:

Laser-cut provisions to build one wing with 0, 8, or 12 degree dihedral.  Includes basic assembly instructions and template paper for accommodating your own design ideas.

  • 14 chord length ribs (4 center, 4 tip, and 6 mid-span)
  • 8 interlocking sub-ribs
  • 14 engineered spar webs
  • 12 interlocking trailing edge gussets
  • 12 twist resistant truss ribs
  • 2 plywood servo pockets (HS-35/40 class)
  • 2 interlocking plywood dihedral breaks (8 and 12 degrees)
  • 1 engineered center section base sheeting

Balsa Strip Wood Required:
(Available from your local hobby or arts and crafts center)

  • 1 Leading edge stock, 3/16 square x 36 in. length
  • 1 Trailing edge stock, 3/32 x 1/2 x 36 in. length
  • 6 Spar stock, 3/32 x 3/16 x 36 in. length


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