I love this magazine

I love that this magazine has started up. Great info well presented. Keep up the great work. I do find the digital editions hard to read and using the site on my ereader is slow and hard. A downloadable pdf would work much better as the animations on the site are painfully slow. I wish you great success and appreciate the time and effort put into delivering such a quality product.


Totally OUTSTANDING job on the latest issue of the Balsa Builder! IMHO, by far the best one yet. The plan sheet alone is worth the price. I especially like the way you’ve included peripheral content on areas related to the construction (painting, etc.) that are too often ignored by those producing kits.

I absolutely love the new RAV-4, and will have one as soon as the budget allows. Is it possible to scratch build the plane from what’s in the magazine? Absolutely, but I’m not that much of a glutton for punishment. It’s the short kit for this kid!

Take care!


I positively love your magazine!!!

I positively love your magazine!!! I have placed an order for the RV-4 kit…. Thank you very much – this feels like Christmas in May, just before flying season!

Joseph Garza

Your best yet!

I just took a spin through the magazine, and this is your best yet. You covered so much ground with this one–even discounting my little bit at the end. Which–by the way, you packaged beautifully. Thanks for the cool photos and plugs for me and the kits–ALWAYS appreciated.

Great job!

Nice job!

Nice job this latest issue ! (issue 7)

A brave publication

Just a quick note to congratulate you on a great magazine. I think it is about time that someone is brave enough to put out a publication that is geared towards explaining how to build from scratch, using balsa wood.., instead of simply getting a RTF. It is great to have a “how-to” magazine available instead of another 100 page catalog for giant, ready to fly products, that most beginners can’t afford anyway. I feel that your publication, “BalsaBuilder” will help get young boys and girls heads out of video games and introduce them into this outstanding hobby!

Great info on mixing Diesel

Great info on mixing Diesel Fuel at home and where to get the chemicals and containers!!
I’m a “Diesel Head” and even make small diesels for sale (palmodelproducts.com)! Diesel fuel is always a question and now it’s simple and readable in the issue #3 of “Balsa Builder” ! Thanks to all!!

Please add a downloadable PDF

I really like your magazine and enjoy the articles and ideas for future plane projects. The art of building with balsa wood is one that should not be lost with the advent of styrofoam, plastic and foam board. A model plane hobbyist should learn about what is needed to building a model plane by assembling balsa and plywood parts not just the instant gratification of buying one off the shelf. Not that every plane in a hobbyist collect has to be built by hand but a few should be. The only improvement I would like to see made concerning your terrific magazine is that you should offer it in a down loadable PDF file. The on screen viewing is not the best for us older modelers. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to the Winter issue.

Absolutely Marvelous

Absolutely marvelous. A must have publication. I am 73 and have been building balsa model airplanes since I was a kid. Have scratch built models as complex as biplane LAZY ACE. Me and a buddy cut 6 short kits of LAZY ACE and sold them all. A great experience.

I second that!

I want to second the comments Douglas made and add how delighted I am to see rubber powered free flight and R/C building in the same publication. I’ve built and flown electric R/C, rubber powered free flight, boost-gliders, and glow powered control line in the past year, and I’ve only scratched the surface of what aeromodelling has to offer to the builder.