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SportyROG – RC Conversion

It didn’t take long before one of our customers submitted a kit bash of our SportyROG, a little rubber powered free-flight number featured in the pilot (Spring 2015) issue of BalsaBuilder Magazine.  The converted SportyROG from rubber to electric RC builds into a spunky little number and makes a great first rubber to electric conversion subject. 

[tabs style=”horizontal”] [tab title=”1. Overview”]

RC Conversion - SportyROG
RC Conversion – SportyROG

Converting the SportyROG to RC is as simple as providing a mounting point for the ParkZone (PKZ3352) receiver, modifying the nose of the model to accept the ParkZone (PKZ3624) motor, re-sizing the landing gear, and modifying the horizontal and vertical fin to receive an elevator and rudder assembly.  The converted model is quite spunky and makes a great first rubber to electric conversion subject.[/tab]

[tab title=”2. Get the plan”]BuildIt!RCSportyROG-plan_450 We’ve put the details to make modification to the original SportyROG model in planform and have made this freely available for download here: RC Conversion of Sporty ROG[/tab]

[tab title=”3. Get the Parts”]SportyROG-RC 638 A well supplied hobby shop will stock the required receiver, motor, propeller, battery, and charger to complete the RC conversion of the SportyROG -if you are having difficulties sourcing these items locally we suggest visiting to obtain the required parts.[/tab] [/tabs]

[box type=”note”]Note to complete this model it will be necessary to have the original SportyROG plan set (or the SportyROG full kit) as the RC conversion plan set only cover the changes made to the rubber powered model and does not include the full plan set.[/box]

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  1. Outstanding, Bill!

    Since I’ve recently returned to CO and bought a new home in Erie, I’ve been spending more time with my granddaughters…We have attempted several flights with the free Estes rubber-powered aircraft they provide in orders placed directly through them. In years past, I’ve always given these to my granddaughters when we would arrive for a visit. With our permanent relocation comes an opportunity for me to help them build something a bit more advanced and a bit more reliable in flight than the Estes /Guillows-like kits. Consequently, I plan to work with them in constructing SportyROGs…And I might just build a Sporty RCSportyROG for me! Ha!

    All the best, my friend, and I hope to see you soon!

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