Squirt (1/2A) Laser-cut Kit

This very complete laser-cut kit for the balsabuilder 1/2A Squirt™, contains everything you need to assemble the framing of your very own 1/2A Squirt.  This full-kit offering features: laser-cut interlocking formers, laser-cut interlocking strip wood assemblies, push-rods, pre-formed landing gear, wheels and the required additional hardware for this delightful 1/2A trainer as featured in Volume 1 | Issue 4 of balsabuilder magazine.  You’ll need to add your own radio gear, 1/2A motor and fuel tank (Sullivan S400 1oz. tank recommended).  An electric conversion kit is available for those seeking to build the classic speed 400 based model.

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: BBM-FK011
Wing span 37.5 in. | Wing area 245 sq. in. | Flying Weight 14 oz. (more details below)

Full Kit – Includes: laser-cut parts, full-size plans, printed construction article, landing gear, wheels, hardware and strip wood stock.
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Additional Details


In 2016 we made a complete redesign of the Stevens AeroModel Squirt™ 400 exclusively for publication in balsabuilder Magazine. The balsabuilder version of this classic radio control, electric powered, model features a plans-built friendly laser-cut parts package and support for 1/2A fuel powered engines.

This complete kit offering is designed to augment the plans, published in Volume 1 | Issue 4 of balsabuilder magazine, and have been enhanced with numerous helpful interlocking building aids which greatly simplify the assembly process. Unlike the laser-engineered Stevens AeroModel design, the balsabuilder version of this iconic model was developed to satisfy those seeking a more traditional model building experience. Construction of balsabuilder designs therefore favor the use of a building board and t-pins. This more traditional build will reward the hobbyist with a delightfully strong airframe featuring clean lines and beautiful open “stick” frame work to enjoy.

This product has been designed for 1/2A fuel powered model aircraft engines but is suitable for conversion to Speed 400 electric power.

Included with this purchase:

  • Laser-cut formers and laser-cut strip wood stock
  • Hardwood engine mounting block, dowels and leading edge
  • Pre-formed landing gear
  • Main gear wheels and tail wheel
  • Push-rods with Du-Bro EZ Links, control horns, and Micro Connectors
  • Full-size printed plan with printed construction article

Required to complete this model:

  • Engine, PAW .060 (diesel) | MP Jet .061 (glo) | Speed 400 (electric*)
  • Servos, 3 Hitec HS-55
  • Radio, 3 Channel with micro receiver
  • Covering, 1 Roll


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