SportStick Laser-cut Kit

This bundle includes the full laser-cut balsa wood parts package to assemble the balsabuilder SPORTstik™ wing kit.  For your convenience, this package includes a set of full-size plans, construction article, all required balsa wood strip stock, control horns (4), push-rod stock with rod ends and adjustable connectors (4), and landing gear stock to finish the SPORTstik™, with your donor GWS Slow Stick fuselage parts*.

Featured in Volume 1 | Issue 4 of balsabuilder magazine.

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: BBM-FK012
Wing span 40 in. | Wing area 375 sq. in. | Flying Weight 16 oz.

*Note: As this product was developed as an upgrade to an existing GWS Slow Stick airframe, you will need to either provide a donor GWS Slow Stick fuselage or purchase the plastic parts kit, fuselage boom, motor mount, and wheel assemblies as given in the options below – to assemble a complete airframe.

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