Vanguard P-18 Plan


The Vanguard P-18 is an ideal candidate for classroom STEM projects and is also AMA Legal for the P-18 class event.  This is an easy to assemble model that is easy to trim and durable.  If you are looking to give powered indoor flying a try but are not certain where to begin, look no further than a Vanguard P-18.

This model was 2015 Science Olympiad Rules Legal and may no longer meet the current published rule.  Specifications are posted below.

Printed in the U.S.A.
Item Number: PL006

Delivery – Full Size Plan (23.5 x 11 inches)
Wing Span 18 in. | Wing Chord 4 in. | Length 18 in. | Flying Weight 7-8g

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The Vanguard P-18 comes to balsabuilder Magazine by way of John McGrath ( The P-18 event class was featured as an official STEM event at the 2015 AMA Indoor Nationals and used a design from the late Don Mace.  For the Fall 2015 issue of balsabuilder magazine, John joined forces with us to bring you this fabulous quick build indoor project.  The Vanguard P-18 is an ideal candidate for classroom STEM and classroom science projects and is also AMA Legal for the P-18 class event.  We have built and flown the Vanguard ourselves and it doesn’t disappoint.  So grab some scrap balsa, tissue, a rubber motor, and your kids – this winter challenge yourself, be a hero to your kids, and enjoy the satisfaction of building a successful indoor free flight model with a brilliant pedigree. Build It!


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