FlatRat Laser-Cut Kit


Complete kit to build the FlatRat control line trainer.  This product includes plans, laser-cut parts, hardware, bell crank, and wire lead outs.  Requires: handle, covering, and your electronics!  See the product specifications below for more details.

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Wing Span | 18 in
Overall Length | 18 in
Wing Area | 100 in2
Flying Weight | 5 oz
Wing Loading | 7.2 oz/ft2
Controls Required | Control Line
Construction | Balsa / Ply
Category | Trainer


  • Plans and Build instructions (Included within Volume 1 Issue 3 of BalsaBuilder)
  • Laser cut fuselage, wing, and tail surfaces
  • Bell crank, lead out wire, and pushrods.
  • Wire stock and hardware for landing gear (wheels, tail skid, gear strap) .


  • Wing covering film, 2 PatchPaks AeroLITE (assumes painted fuselage and tail)
  • Clear urethane or lacquer sealant.
  • Control line handle with 30′ dacron lines

Suggested Electronics:

  • Motor, Park BL-300 Motor (SUPA2204-14)
  • ESC, 10A Brushless (SUP10AESC)
  • Battery, 325mAh 7.4V LiPo
  • Electric control line timer


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