Ugh-LE-Bug! Laser-Cut Kit

This precision laser-cut kit features all of the laser-cut parts, strip wood stock, and hardware to complete our Ugh-LE-Bug! model airplane.  The laser-cut parts, included with this package, are cut from hand sorted balsa and feature tab and notch construction to enhance your success in building the Ugh-LE-Bug!. Designed and manufactured by Stevens AeroModel.
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Made in Colorado, USA

Item Number: FK017
Published 2017: Issue 6 of balsabuilder magazine
Wing span 35 in. | Wing area 195 sq. in. | Flying Weight 7.5 oz. | 3-Channel RET
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Additional Details

A complete laser-cut kit for our Ugh-LE-Bug!

Kit Includes:

  • Laser-cut parts package
  • Strip wood stock
  • Pre-bent wire landing gear
  • Comprehensive hardware package
  • Full size plans and construction article.

Required Power System:
(Available from

  • Motor and Gearbox, SA Sport Park BL250
  • Propeller, GWS 7×3.5
  • Micro Receiver
  • Servos, 2 Hitec HS40 (or Hitec HS35)
  • ESC, 10A
  • Battery, 7.4V 550 mAh

Tools and Building Supplies:

  • Hobby Knife, #11 Blade
  • Sanding block with 120 and 240 grit paper
  • White, wood, or CA glue


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