FlugenFritz Plans


Build our versatile FlügenFritz and fly Round the Pole or RC with your kids!  Our plans provide all the necessary details to construct your very own FlügenFritz.  Looking for a complete pre-cut kit?  Click here.

Printed in Colorado, USA

Item Number: PL016
Published 2017: Issue 6 of balsabuilder magazine
Printed 1:1 | Length 17 in. | Width 11 in.

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Additional Details

Building from plans?  Here’s a list of the items you’ll need to complete the assembly of your own FlügenFritz.

Required Materials:

  • Balsa, 1/16 in. thick 4×36 sheet
  • Balsa, 3/16 in. thick 4×12 sheet
  • Plywood, 1/32 in. thick 4×12 sheet
  • Wire, 1/32 in. diameter
  • Wheel (pair), 1 in. Plastic Free Flight
  • Thread, 36 in. length

Power System:

  • Motor and Gearbox, ParkZone PKZ3624
  • Propeller, 130mm x 70mm EFL9051
  • Micro Receiver Combo, PKZ3352 (includes ESC/Servos)
  • Battery, 3.7V 130-160 mAh

Tools and Building Supplies:

  • Hobby Knife, #11 Blade
  • Sanding block with 120 and 240 grit paper
  • White, wood, or CA glue



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