Fokker D.VII Hell’s Angels Limited Edition

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BalsaBuilder Magazine Limited Edition

Stevens AeroModel agreed to put together a limited edition run of their super ultra-micro Fokker D.VII exclusively for distribution to BalsaBuilder Magazine customers.  This limited production (Only 1500 offered) Fokker D.VII features the classic Howard Hughes Hell’s Angels film covering scheme for the infamous Lt. Von Bruen.

This exclusive offering is optionally available with our comprehensive  “Ace Package”  which ships complete with limited edition precision cut graphics, black AeroLITE (2 PatchPaks), motor/gearbox (PKZ3352), and propeller (130x70mm).  The BalsaBuilder Hell’s Angels Fokker D.VII is designed to receive the popular 2.4ghz Spektrum compatible ultra-micro receiver (ParkZone PKZ3352 or Spektrum SPMAR6410).  While other micro electronics may be compatible we suggest sticking to the required equipment for the highest possible performance.

The Fokker D.VII’s docile flight manners and agile performance are sure to bring excitement to morning “dawn patrols”, or as a worthy opponent to our micro SE5a, as you relive the aerial dogfights of the Great War in your local gym, or your favorite flying site.


The Fokker D.VII was designed by Fokker’s prolific designer Reinhold Platz. Germany produced around 3,300 examples of the D.VII in the summer and autumn of 1918. The D.VII quickly proved to be a very formidable aircraft. In fact the armistice ending the war in 1918 specifically required that Germany surrender all it’s D.VII aircraft to the Allies at the conclusion of hostilities.

The D.VII entered service in early May 1918. Allied fighter pilots underestimated the new German fighter because of its squarish and ungainly appearance, but quickly revised their view as the D.VII began to mount up victories.

Flown by German aces such as Erich Lowenhart, Ernest Udet, and Herman Goring, among others, the Fokker D.VII earned a reputation as a top fighter aircraft. It was said that the airplane could make a poor pilot good, and a good pilot an ace.

After the war the D.VII saw service with a number of countries including Belgium, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, Finland, the Soviet Union, and the United States as well as many others. The Fokker D.VII was operational with the Swiss Air Force into the early 1930’s.

Kit Includes:

Precision laser cut parts
Full size detail sheet and markings template for “Hell’s Angels” Scheme.
Photo illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions
Hardware package including push-rods, control horns, struts, wheels, and profile pilot.
Color profile pilot and radiator decals.

Kit Requires:

1/2 oz. Thin and Medium CA glues
Sanding Block with 220 grit paper
ParkZone PKZ3352 Receiver/ESC/Servo unit ParkZone PKZ3624 Motor 130mm x 70mm
Propeller EFL9051
Compatible Spektrum, ParkZone, or E-Flite Radio

Made in Colorado U.S.A.

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  1. Dave

    …put together your Folkker DVII went well on assembly and flew even better in the air no bad habits or tendencies thanks guys, Dave in Cali.

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