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GymRipper full size plans are delivered printed front and back, also includes a separate parts template sheet as an added bonus (11×17 Folded).  See the full product description below to learn more about the GymRipper.  Your purchase of this original plan set helps directly offset the cost of Balsa Builder Magazine in bringing fine model designs to the aeromodeling community.  Thank you for your support!

Issue: April 2015 BalsaBuilder Magazine

Size: 11×17

Printed in Colorado U.S.A.

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Need a re-print of the original construction article? Collecting plans and prefer not to work from your originals? Outfit your plans build with one of our sharp decals!

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Additional Details

The GymRipper frames quick into a quirky and delightful parasol that features classic lines and generous wing area.  Making use of popular ready to fly micro electronics, you’ll be able to recycle your “wreck” into this lovely balsa wood model and learn a new skill in the process.

[quote]Pilots young and old will appreciate the low wing loading, nimble handling, and stable flight performance.[/quote]

Given the superb low speed flight envelope we find the GymRipper to be ideal for use in small gymnasiums and outdoors in a large back yard!  Pilots young and old will appreciate the low wing loading, nimble handling, and stable flight performance.

Designed as a part of our introductory building with balsa wood workshop series, the GymRipper is well suited to the budding plans/scratch builder.  Build the aerial delight that’s as much fun to fly as it is to construct. Build it!


GymRipper Plans are printed front/back with bonus 1:1 parts template page (11×17 Folded)

[box]Model Specifications:
Span: 22 in.
Area: 112 sq. in.
Length: 16.24 in.
Average Flying Weight: 1.75 oz.
Skill Level: Beginner

Motor: ParkZone PKZ3624
Receiver: ParkZone PKZ3352 (Ultra-Micro)
Propeller: E-Flite EFL9051

As featured in the April 2015 pilot issue of Balsa Builder Magazine!

Need a short kit instead?  A GymRipper short kit, engineered by Stevens AeroModel, is available as well and has been loaded with additional interlocking build helps not featured in this plan set.

Click Here for the GymRipper Short Kit


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